How Much Does Vinyl Cladding Cost?

If you’re interested in restoring the appearance of your home, vinyl cladding from North Coast Cladding may be just what you need.

Whether you’re covering up existing masonry or brickwork, replacing faded cladding, or replacing outdated metal or wood cladding, we are here to help. Vinyl wall cladding is affordable, and often the best choice for homeowners who wish to restore their property on a budget.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how much vinyl cladding costs, its benefits, where you should use it, and quite a few other topics. Let’s begin.

How Much Does Vinyl Cladding Cost? What Is Vinyl Cladding?

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like! Vinyl cladding, also often called vinyl “siding” is used to cover up the exterior of your home. This protects it from the elements, and keeps it looking great all-year-round!

Vinyl exterior wall cladding does not require painting, and our unique vinyl cladding products are highly resistant to the elements, as well as to UV rays. This is especially crucial in Australia, where the heat and UV rays can cause serious damage to low-quality vinyl cladding.

Vinyl cladding is typically less expensive than other types of siding, and it does not need to be painted – which saves you even more money. For this reason, it’s popular with budget-conscious homeowners all across New South Wales.

Where Should I Use Vinyl Cladding?

Vinyl cladding can be used just about anywhere on your home. It’s a particularly good choice if you live somewhere with a harsh climate. For example, if you live by the sea, the salty air and rain can damage wood siding, causing it to rot. Metal siding may also be affected by these elements, and it could corrode, even if it is painted.

However, vinyl siding is inert, and resists humidity, moisture, UV rays, and much more. No matter where you live in New South Wales, high-quality vinyl cladding provides you with a gorgeous, long-lasting appearance.

Vinyl Cladding Vs. Other Exterior Materials  

Vinyl cladding has a number of advantages when compared to other exterior materials.

  • Brick and masonry are very popular choices for building materials. However, both brick and masonry are very expensive compared to vinyl cladding, and they have a limited lifespan. They must often be “repointed”, to replace the mortar and ensure that they continue to function properly.
  • Weatherboard (clapboard) is a popular alternative to vinyl cladding. Weatherboard is quite similar in appearance, and is typically made out of wood. This means that you can choose to leave it “natural” for a rustic look, or paint it for a more modern style.While weatherboard does look natural, it requires more maintenance than vinyl siding, and may need to be repainted every 10-20 years, which is a significant expense. It’s also more expensive than vinyl siding, and harder to install.
  • Metal siding – Metal siding is becoming more popular in New South Wales, as manufacturers have begun to create more attractive, modern styles. Metal siding is very durable and usually requires almost no maintenance. It’s also fire-resistant.However, it can be dented easily, which may require an expensive repair, and it’s quite expensive compared to weatherboard and vinyl cladding. It also is not an effective insulator – the energy efficiency of vinyl cladding is much better. 

How Much Does Vinyl Cladding Cost? The Cost Of Vinyl Cladding

Vinyl cladding is typically the most cost effective choice for siding projects in New South Wales. Prices will vary based on the style of vinyl cladding that you purchase, but it is almost always cheaper than metal or wood.

The cost of siding may vary from about $30-$100 per square metre, depending on the type of siding you buy. At North Coast Cladding, we use ARMOURBOARD vinyl products. ARMOURBOARD is built to look natural and gorgeous, and comes with a 10-year factory warranty.

You can expect to pay around $100 per square metre for the installation of vinyl cladding, though this will vary based on the project specifications. You can also attempt to install your cladding yourself, to save money.

While this is easier than installing wood clapboard or metal siding, we still don’t recommend doing this so unless you have previous experience installing siding.

Why Choose North Coast Cladding?

Interested in vinyl house cladding, and looking for an installation partner in New South Wales? North Coast Cladding is an ideal choice. Why? We’re glad you asked!

  • The best products at the best prices – We are certified ARMOURBOARD partners, so we can source high-quality vinyl siding at a great price. We are also willing to work with other suppliers, or use vinyl siding that you have already purchased for your project.
  • Experienced installation technicians – We have years of experience installing vinyl cladding, and we have seen it all. No project is too big or complex, and we can handle any unexpected bumps in the road with ease. In addition, we try to make the process as unobtrusive as possible, and ensure that your property is cared for during construction and installation.
  • Free quoting for your project over the phone – If you can give us some rough details about your home, such as location, existing cladding/siding type, square footage, and some other information, we can offer you a free quote over the phone for your project. We are also willing to send one of our installers out to your home for a more comprehensive, in-depth quote, if desired.

Best Vinyl Cladding in New South Wales

Whether you’re replacing your outdated wood cladding, or you’re thinking about covering up a brick or masonry home with high-quality vinyl siding, North Coast Cladding is here to help.

Contact us now to get your free quote, and get started today! We can’t wait to hear from you, and learn more about your project and your needs.

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